Breaking Records – Pokemon Lets go

Various media sources have reported today that the newly released Pokemon Let’s go Pikachu / Eevee has broken the previous first weeks sale record for Nintendo Switch. Previews heavy hitters were Zelda Breathe of the wild and Super Mario Odyssey. The combined global sales have reached in excess of 3 million copies sold. The reports have suggested this is a combined figure of physical and digital sales as well as the various bundled console copies.

As a long time Pokemon gaming fan, it warms my heart to be reading such things in the media today. It never surprises me how well the pokemon franchises is welcomed by gaming consumers. Even the die hard core gamers hell bent on re-enacting real life war zone battles, might admit playing and enjoying the odd pokemon game from time to time. The great thing about Pokemon Let’s Go is that its appealing to long term fans and new comers to the franchise.

I hope this sales trend continues as it will help Nintendo achieve a very successful holiday season. I can see this happening as we still have the anticipated Super Smash Bros Ultimate releasing on 7th December 2018. This should help Nintendo reach the momentum needed to come out smelling of roses over this years holiday period!

Info source: NintendoLife


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