Levelling up in Pokemon Let’s Go

We all have our own methods, shortcuts and reasoning behind the choices we make when playing games that require you to level up. Whether that be a skills and abilities, armour and weapon upgrades or character progression. In this particular instance I’m referring to levelling up pokemon.

As those of us who are familiar with the process we take a collection of 6 Pokemon and embark on an adventure taking them from level 1 to 100. While it would take an extremely long time to do this for every single pokemon in the game, many have done just that.

My past experiences with levelling up pokemon was based purely on which ones I liked the look of the most, as vane as that sounds, it’s actually an important thing to consider. after all you’re going to be spending a fairly long time levelling up your team so it’s only fair it’s a team that you think looks good!

Majority of Pokemon gamers opt for a more casual approach choosing a selection of Pokemon maybe up to as many as 20 to take to their maximum level. The process doesn’t end there! Now that Pokemon Let’s Go is released, it seems a new levelling mechanic has been introduced. This is in the form of Candies. They come in 3 sizes normal (upto level 29), Large ( from level 30 to 59) and Extra Large (level 60+) each stat of the Pokemon has a corresponding candy type. You will also encounter Pokemon specific candies that increase all the stats by 1 of the corresponding Pokemon! You obtain these candies as loot drops from catching Pokemon and secondly from trading them over to professor oak in the game. It is worth noting that while levelling up a Pokemon stats is not exactly new to the franchise this method has made it much more accessible and easier to follow making it a prefect starting block for new comers into the franchise and easing them gently into this wonderful universe of Pokemon/Pocket Monsters!


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