• Console: Nintendo Switch
  • Game source: Free Demo via Nintendo Switch Eshop
  • Availability: 4th September 2018 Price: Ā£15.99

Game overview

The developers call their game “A beautiful alien world filled with mystery and danger. 2D puzzle solving scroller, filled with lush highly detailed environments.

What’s it like to play

As this is a demo I felt played time is irrelevant, safe to say I completed the demo. My first reaction was wow, what a beautifully crafted vision of an alien world. You can immediately tell the love and passion gone into creating this game. So your presented with a, I shall call him spaceman, who seems to be in some sort of distress from crash landing on this gorgeous alien planet, you painstakingly transverse the landscape in a 2D side scrolling fashion. You start to get weaker to the point of collapsing, then mysteriously wake up in a cave, alone and completely healed, full of energy and life! This is were the puzzle solving, leaping, climbing journey really begins and boy does it get amazingly more detailed graphically, just beautiful!

While playing in TV mode, I did experience a fair amount of jaggies, these are like rough edges around the character and the environment objects, it is more noticeable when moving. Graphically it faired much better in handheld mode. The demo showed no signs of fame rate drops and I wager that continues to be the case for the remainder of the game.

The music, sounds and effects are eerie and definitely made the world seem more alien, however the audio quality seemed muffled and while this could be issues at my end I’ve certainly not encountered this problem before. That being said its by no means a deal breaker and it may very well be intended to sound like this.

Controls are of a familiar setting which should not prove difficult for anyone to use.


Planet Alpha is a feast for the eyes despite the jaggies during gameplay. The audio has left me with questions of, was it a problem at my end? Poor recordings or purposely styled the way I was hearing it?

The puzzles were straight forward enough considering its the demo, I have no doubt they will intensify with progression. I was left wanting more and I would recommend giving this game a shot, especially now you can try before you buy.

Gamer Talk recommendation of

šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘ 3.5 out of 5

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