Puzzle Puppers

  • Console: Nintendo Switch
  • Game source: free demo via Nintendo Switch E-shop
  • Availability & Pricing: 20th February 2018, £4.49

Game overview

The developers describe their game as, Cute doggos that need to be stretched out to reach their food bowls. Deceptively simple mechanics, progressively tricker puzzles.

  • Easy to learn yet difficult to master
  • Unlock special levels
  • Teleporting holes
  • Rivers
  • Multiple food bowls but which one is right?
  • Stretch more than one doggo at a time
  • 80 levels

What’s it like to play

I’m just going to say it right from the bat you’d be, “Barking mad” not to give this game a try. It’s fun, simple? Yes, but the difficulty of the puzzles soon ramp up. While I’ve only done the demo levels available to me, I got hooked with the stretching these cute little fellas across grids, sometimes multiple, in order for them to chow down on their munchies.

The graphics are simple, colourful and bright, this is certainly a game that will never succumb to frame rate drop issues. It’s a top down styled game and this suits the gameplay perfectly.

The background music took me to, what I would call, the 40’s or 50’s era! Those black and white musicians often shown and Sunday afternoon British TV springs to mind. It’s pleasant and somewhat soothing to listen to while your busy solving the puzzles.

This is not a game what will challenge your controlling abilities. With joycon, Nintendo Pro and touchscreen support you’ll not run out of methods to play this simple yet charming game.


I enjoyed my time with the demo, this is one of those games that will get overlooked by many which is a shame these little nindie games are often hidden gems. While I cannot say this is one of them, it’s definitely worth a look. It’s somewhat addictive puzzle solving that has left me wanting more. The game has made it to my “To Get” list and will no doubt enjoy taxing my brain with the harder puzzles as I unlock them.

Gamer Talk recommendation of

🐶🐶🐶 3.5 out of 5

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